Tankvision LMS NXA86B

System Component: Tank Gauging.
LNG measuring system.
Up to 400 tanks.
Application: LNG Tank Gauging,
system architecture mixed,
loops + protocols multiple.
LTD gauge integration,
Web server: Multi-user interface.
Archiving + reporting.
Connection > Tankvision Multi Scan.
:: Higher plant availability with LNG
specific calculation models.
:: High flexibility through a maximum
choice on interfaces.

Características y especificaciones



  • Measuring principle

    Interfaz de Comunicación

  • Función

    LNG measuring system for up to 400 tanks. It summarizes data from various Tank Scanners.

  • Interfaz de Comunicación

    Loops + protocols multiple

  • Operación

    Web server: Multi-user interface

  • Measuring principle

    Interfaz de Comunicación

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